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Adam Robinson
Math Teacher
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Useful Websites
6th Grade Website:     http://wms6.weebly.com
Google Classroom:     https://classroom.google.com/
MathXL:        https://www.mathxlforschool.com/login_school.htm


What will we learn in 6th Grade Math?
This year we will learn about factors and multiples; ratios, rational numbers, and equivalence; understanding fraction operations; two-dimensional measurement; computing with decimals and percents; introductory algebra; and statistics and data analysis.


Daily Classroom Materials
Computer (charged for the day)


Daily Classroom Procedures
Fill out planner

Grading Scale
A: 90% - 100%     B: 80% - 89%     C: 70% - 79%      D: 60% - 69%      F: 0% - 59%
This is the grading scale set forth by Wamego Middle School, and will be used for my math class.

Completing math homework is essential for success in math. Homework will be assigned/due 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). All assigned homework will be due on the following “homework day” for full credit.

It is also YOUR responsibility to look at the Google Classroom to figure out the assignments.

Extra Help
If you feel that you need extra help, then please come see me to set up a time to come in before or after school to get help.

Phone: (785) 456-7682 EXT: 4105 Email: Adam Robinson