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Caitlyn Neufeldt - Future Genomic Counselor

Senior, Caitlyn Neufeldt has been preparing for her future as a Genomic Counselor during her junior and senior years. With her career choice to become a Genetic Counselor she started researching about desired careers, the schooling needed, and her preparations of studies the last two years in high school to prepare for post-secondary education. Through the planning of her IPS in her junior and senior year she was able to complete science courses and college classes to prepare for her college studies. Her IPS also helped her to plan to have an internship a second year and participate in special projects and community service events that relate to her career and FCCLA. Cailtyn participated in CTE Expo days at our school where we showcased our career boards to our student body during Advisory time. She also was chosen to be an ambassador for the 8th graders prior to freshman enrollment to share with the students the opportunities that they will have in high school to enroll in. 

Next, she was involved in sharing my career project with students of the 4th grade level as an ambassador of the internship program. Selected students were asked to present to the 4th grade class about careers during their career exploration unit. The 4th grade students had the opportunity to ask questions related to each career before rotating on to the next station. 

Recently, Caitlyn had the opportunity to present a Careers in STEM project to Mrs. Buhlers, 4th grade class at West Elementary. I presented a tri fold board about who she is and what her high school experience has been like. She discussed what classes she has taken, what organizations she has been involved in, and how she found a career she wanted to pursue. Afterwards, Cailtyn talked to them about all the careers that are considered to be a STEM career. She ended her presentation with a Strawberry DNA Extraction Lab to give the kids something fun to do that would intrigue them into a science related career. In this lab the kids mashed up strawberries, added them to an isolation solution of salt, water, and dish soap, and finally they added a rubbing alcohol which allowed the kids to pull out the DNA strands from the strawberry. After they pulled the strands out, Cailtyn explained to them what she would do with them and described how She would look at them under a microscope.

Caitlyn will be visiting Katie Buhler's 4th grade classroom each month to share a science lab with the students.