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In the WHS Library:


100 Years of Kansas Education - PROF 370.0978 WRI
1001 Kansas Place Names - REF 978.81 MCC
Amphibians and Reptiles in Kansas - Ref 597 COL
Annals of Kansas, 1886-1910 (2 vol.) REF 978.1 ANN
Encyclopedia of Kansas REF 978.1 ENC
Field Guide to Common Weeds of Kansas - Ref 582.13 BAR
Government of Kansas, 5th ed. - Ref 353.973 DRU
Guide to Microfilm Collections of the Kansas State Historical Society - REF 016.9781 KAN
Historical atlas of Kansas, 2nd ed. REF 911.781 SOC
Indian Place-Names - REF 978.1 RYD
Kansas Biographical Dictionary REF 920.781 KAN
Kansas Facts REF 917.8 KAN
Kansas in maps REF 978.1 BAU (oversized shelf)
Kansas in newspapers REF 071 MIL (oversized shelf)
Kansas Legislature:  structure and process - Ref 328.7 KAN
Kansas Occupational Outlook 2006 (and executive summary) - Ref 331.12 KAN
Kansas Prairie Wildflowers - Ref 582.13 OWE
Kansas Statistical abstract Ref 317.81 KAN
Kansas Statistics CD-ROM 317.81 KAN
Kansas Wage Survey - Ref 331.7 KAN
Mammals in Kansas - Ref 599 BEE
Sunflower Journeys : the complete seasons (index) - REF 978.1 SUN
Trees, Shrubs and Woody Vines in Kansas - Ref 582 STE
Wamego, Kansas, 1866-1976. - Ref 978.1 WAM
Wildflowers and Weeds of Kansas - Ref 582.13 BAR


Autobiography of William Allen White B WHI
Amelia (Earhart) - B EAR
Bat Masterson - B MAS
Doc Holliday - B HOL

Dying and Living on the Kansas Prairie - B RUT
Eisenhower:  Portrait of the hero - B EIS
Eisenhower: soldier and president - B EIS
Fiery Vision:  the life and death of John Brown - B BRO
Great Gunfighters of the Kansas Cowtowns 920 MIL
Kansas Pioneers - 920 TOP
Life of a fossil hunter  - B STE
Owl on Every Post - B SEN
Pebble in a pool (Dorethea Frances (Canfield) Fisher) B FIS
Pioneers of the Bluestem Prairie - 920 PIO
West-going Heart (Vachel Lindsay) - B LIN
Wild Bill Hickock - B HIC
Wyatt Earp - B EAR


Science & Technology

Birds in Kansas (2 vol) - 598.2 THO
Factory on the Plains:  Lyle Yost and the Hesston Corporation - 631.3 JON
Fire in the Rock:  a history of the oil and gas industry in Kansas, 1855-1976. - 665 MIN
Guide to bird finding in Kansas and western Missouri - 598.2 ZIM
Guide to Kansas Mushrooms - 589.2 HOR
Insects in Kansas - 595.7 INS
Kansas Geology - 557.81 KAN
Kansas Rocks and minerals - 552.09781 KAN
Kansas Wetlands:  a wildlife treasury - 591 COL
Konza Prairie:  a tallgrass natural history - 508 REI
Natural Kansas - 508 COL
Watching Kansas Wildlife:  a guide to 1010 sites - 508 GRE

Social Life and Customs

Dust Bowl Migrants in the American Imagination - 700 SHI
Farming the Dust Bowl - 978.1 SVO
Female Frontier - 305.4 RIL
Folklore from Kansas:  customs, beliefs, and superstitions - 390 FOL
Great Depression in American History - 338.542 FRE
Haunted Kansas:  ghost stories and other eerie tales - 133.1 HEI
History of the American Legion in Kansas - 369 LOO
Home Economics:  a vital force for Kansans - 369 HOM
In Cold Blood - 364.15 CAP
Kansas Foklore - 398 SAC
Kansas Landlord handbook - 346.04 KAN
Kansas Quilts and Quilters - 746.9 BRA
Kansas Tenants handbook. - 346.04 KAN
Landscapes in Kansas:  paintings - 751.42 SUD (oversized shelf)
Orphan Trains - 362.7 HOL
Peopling the plains:  who settled where in frontier Kansas 304.8 SHO
Rooted in dust:  surviving drought and depression in southwest Kansas 330.9781 RIN
Shingling the fog and other Plains lies - 398.0978 WEL
Trolley through the countryside (history of the railroad in Kansas) - 385.09 CHA

Memoirs and Writings

Pioneer Women:  the lives of women on the priarie (2) - 978 PEA
Pioneer Women:  voices from the Kansas Frontier - 305.4 STR
My Folks came in a covered wagon - 978.02 MY
Red World and White - 921 ROG
School's out!:  Reflections of a Kansas teacher, 1987 - 813 COV
Skimming the cream:  50 years with Peggy of the Flint Hills - 814 GRE
Trail of Thread Series:
    Trail of Thread - 813 HUB
    Thimble of Soil - 813 HUB
    Stitch of courage - 813 HUB
What Kansas Means to Me - 978.1 WHA


African Americans on the Western frontier - 978 AFR
Beginning of the West:  annals of the Kansas Gateway to the American West, 1540-1854 978.1 BAR
Brown v. Board of Education - 344.73 COT
Bust to Boom:  documentary photographs of Kansas, 1936-1949 - 978.1 BUS
Civil War Kansas:  reaping the whirlwind 973.7 CAS
Cowboy Culture:  a saga of five centuries - 978 DAR
Cowboys and Kansas - 978.1 HOY
Down the Santa Fe Trail & into Mexico - 979 MAG
Farm town:  a memoir of the 1930's - 978.1 HEI
Farming the dustbowl 978.1 SVO
Faded Dreams: more ghost towns of Kansas - 917.81 FIT
Ghost Towns of Kansas (3 vols) - 978.1 FIT
Ghost Towns of Kansas: traveler's guide - 917.81 FIT
Hayseeds, moralizers and Methodists 978.1 BAD

Heritage of Kansas:  selected commentaries on past times 978.1 RIC
Historic Kansas:  a centenary sketchbook - 978.1 WHI
History comes to life: a research guide to collecting historical letters and documents - 091 REN
Home on the Range:  a century on the High Plains - 978.1 DIC
Indians of Kansas - 978.1 VAN
It happened in Kansas:  a cartoonist's version of pioneer Kansas 978.1 COO
Kansa Indians - 978.1 UNR
Kansas: a pictorial history - 978.1 RIC
Kansas: the history of the sunflower state, 1854-2000 - 978.1 MIN
Kansas Bootleggers - 978.1 OBR

Kansas Immigrants.- 978.1 KAN
Kansas in Literature:  prose - 978.1 CAR
Kansas in Literature:  poetry - 978.1 CAR
Kansas, a land of contrasts, 4th ed, - 978.1 RIC
Kansas, its power and its glory 978.1 VIN
Kansas:  a guide to the sunflower state   978.1 KAN
Kansas, a pictorial history 978.1 RIC
Kansas in color 978.1 GLE
Kansas:  history of the Jayhawk state 978.1 ZOR
Kansas-Nebraska Act and "bleeding Kansas" - 978.1 MCA
Kansas Weekend guide 978.1 PEN
Land of the post rock 978.1 MUI
Making do and doing without:  Kansas in the Great Depression 978.1 MAK
Many Wests:  place, culture and regional identity - 978 WRO
Maple Hill Stories 978.1 TUR
More Maple Hill Stories 978.1 TUR
Mythic West in twentieth-century America - 978 ATH
On Kansas trails:  traveling with explorers, emigrants and entrepreneurs 978.1 ONK
Plains folk II:  romance of the landscape - 978 HOY
Queen of Cowtowns:  Dodge City, "the wickedest little city in America," 1872-1886 - 978.1 VES
Return to Kansas 978.1 HAM
Rise of the wheat state:  a history of Kanss agriculture, 1861-1986 978.1 HAM
Sod and Stubble: the story of  a Kansas homestead - 978.1 ISE
Sod House Days (2) - 978.1 RUE
West of Wichita - 978.1 MIN


Baum, L. Frank
    Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Carlson, Nolan
    Summer and Shiner
Coldsmith, Don
    Smoky Hill
    (other books from the Spanish Bit series)
Conford, Ellen.
    Royal pain.
Dailey, Janet
    Mating season.
Erdman, Loula Grace
    Many voyage
Lindsay, Mela Meisner
    White Lamb
Parks, Gordon
    Learning Tree
Paulsen, Gary


Flood of '93:  Tuttle Creek and Milford Lakes - AV VHS 627 FLO
Wizard of Oz - AV VHS 791.43 WIZ
Sunflower Journeys videos - AV VHS 987.1
    African-American heritage
    Atchison to Leavenworth       
Chicholm Trail
    Cimarron Basin
    Community groups
    Editors and publishers

    Ethnic communities
    Fort Hays to Great Bend
    Fort Riley
    Fort Scott   
    Geographic communities

    Kansas character
    Kansas in WWII
    The Kaw Valley   
    Missouri River Basin
    Native Americans
    Newspapers, radio & TV
    Osawatomie to Fort Scott
    Pioneer Days
    Politics & government
    Public health
    The Santa Fe Trail
    Territorial Kansas
    Works of stone

Beyond WHSL - Web Resources

Kansas State Historical Society

Notable Kansas could be a great biography unit to do, maybe a fieldtrip to a fort or a ride on a train (Abeline) - lots of cool stuff to do!  Check out the K-Files (free stuff for the Vertical files).

The Kansas plains were home to many U.S. Army forts during American's westward expansion in the 1800s. Although many survived only a short time, eight major forts remained active and played significant roles in westward

Kansas Western Trails Project - http://skyways.lib.ks.us/KSL/trails/
Five Kansas institutions have made historic materials in their care available to anyone with access to a computer connected to the Internet. The two-year project, called "Western Trails," aided in the creation of digital copies of source materials related to the historic western migration of the U.S. population, whether on foot, by horse-drawn conveyance, by rail, or by highway.

Kansas Wildflowers & Grasses - http://www.lib.ksu.edu/wildflower/
Beautiful color photos and descriptions of Kansas wildflowers and grasses authored by Mike Haddock, Agriculture Sciences Librarian, KSU Libraries.

Kansas Data - http://www.ukans.edu/cwis/units/IPPBR/ksdata/ksdata.shtml
Includes historical data from the Kansas Statistical Abstract.

Carrie:  Full-Text Electronic Library - http://www.ku.edu/carrie/
This site links you to many Kansas History resources, including images, texts, and news.

Kansas Heritage Center for Family and Local Historyhttp://www.ku.edu/heritage/
The Kansas Heritage archives are devoted to digitally preserving Kansas' past,
giving future generations the opportunity to learn about and from family and local
history. Users can browse through information covering a wide variety of topics
related to Kansas history and also receive information on how to contribute to
the archive itself.

Old West Kansas - http://www.ku.edu/heritage/owk/

Poetry of Kansas - http://skyways.lib.ks.us/poetry/

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