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Mrs. Ficke, Pre-School Teacher
Sarah Fiehler, Pre school Teacher, Central Elementary
Sarah Fiehler










Central Elementary has a wonderful pre-school program where students with developmental delays, along with typically developing children, ages 3-4 learn together in a school setting.  All students in our program are required to go through a screening process before school starts.  Information for the screening process may be obtained by calling the Special Services Cooperative of Wamego at 785-456-9195.

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Allyson Ottensmeier, Kindergarten Teacher, Central Elementary, Wamego Ks   Christy Boerner, Kindergarten Teacher, Central Elementary, Wamego Ks Shannon Downs, Kindergarten Teacher, Central Elementary, Wamego, KS Susan Martin, Kindergarten Teacher, Central Elementary, Wamego, KS Courtney Oviatt, Kindergarten Teacher, Central Elelmentary, Wamego, KS
Allyson Ottensmeier Hake, Megan



Our all-day Kindergarten curriculum includes various programs to develop a well rounded child.  We use the Animated Literacy program to teach phonics, phonemic awareness and writing.  Students are introduced to emergent literacy activities through Guided Reading.  Our conceptual math series uses manipulatives, graphing and problem solving activities.  Social Studies and Science themes are integrated throughout the year.  All our students are expected to exit Kindergarten with well-developed math and writing skills, as well as the ability to read.

Kansas Standards

Math     Reading     Science     Writing     Civics


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First Grade

Anna Suther, 1st grade teacher, Central Elementary Maggie Knobbe, 1st grade teacher, Central Elementary Amanda vonSeggern, 1st grade teacher, Central Elementary Breah Butler, 1st Grade Teacher, Central Elementary Tamera Mueller, 1st Grade Teacher, Central Elementary Stephania Martin, Kindergarten Teacher, Central Elementary, Wamego, KS


Reading is very important in first grade.  We read many books focusing on comprehension and reading strategies.  In addition, students learn the first 100 sight words.  Students learn through whole group, small group and literacy centers.  

In math, we explore number sense, measurement, money, time and problem-solving strategies through many hands-on activities.


Kansas Standards

Math     Reading     Science     Writing     Civics


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Second Grade

Kerri HAller, 2nd Grade Teacher, Central Elementary
Shannon Meyer, Kindergarten Teacher, Central Elementary, Wmaego, KS
Becky Neely, 2nd Grade Teacher, Central Elementary
Cheryl Blume, 2nd Grade Teacher, Central Elementary
Marilyn Beck, 2nd Grade Teacher, Central Elementary
Marilyn Beck


Second graders at Central demonstrate their knowledge of the required standards through activities related to integrated units.  Students refine their math skills through hands on activities and practice a variety of strategies for problem solving, number sense, and real-life situations.  All students receive daily small group reading instruction.  Writing proficiency is established using the 6-Trait Writing model.


Kansas Standards

Math     English Language Arts     Science    Social Studies    


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Additional Classrooms



Ashley Glover, Music Teacher, Central Elementary, Wamego, KS

My name is Ashley Wolf and I am the music teacher at Central Elementary School. The K-2 students have music every other day for 35 minutes. We learn to sing on pitch and keep a steady beat while playing instruments. Students learn about instruments and their families, musical notation and terminology, describing and identifying music aurally. We also try to integrate music into other subject content areas. We use solfege for sight-singing. Each grade level also performs one musical program a year.
There is a special opportunity for 2nd grade students to participate in an afterschool music program called “Rock Stars”. In this enrichment group, students expand on their known musical knowledge. We play games, sing, and focus on mallet instruments. The “Rock Stars” are also featured in several performances throughout the year.



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Physical Education

Monica Kabriel

My name is Monica Kabriel and I am the PE teacher at Central Elementary. 

Physical Education is a vital element in a comprehensive, well-balanced educational program. A positive learning experience in physical education is a major contributing factor in the optimum development of an individual in all aspects of wellness. The Physical Education program at the elementary level develops the confidence and competence of each student, stressing movement education, awareness of fitness components and motor skills. The K-2 program focuses on the student’s ability to perform a variety of movements proficiently. As students develop an understanding of movement themes, they make connections to space, time, effort, and relationships that are critical to skill development. The program includes many lead-up skills in many sports but not limited to soccer, basketball, football, kickball, tennis, softball, bowling, jump rope activities, scooter activities, Fitness Testing, parachute, gymnastics, winter Olympic fun and sport stacking. To end the year all of the students go to the City Park for the final “Play Day”.  






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Resource Room

Marsha Dehart, Resource Room Teacher, Central Elementary Kim Marquardt, Resource Room Teacher

Jillian Tinkel, 1st grade teacher, Central Elementary

Marsha DeHart Kim Marquardt





Title I

  Courtney Simpson, 1st Grade Teacher, Central Elementary
Deb Long   Jenny Donnelly


Web page

Students who qualify receive an additional “dose” of reading each day from one of our three specially trained reading teachers. Some Title I groups work on words, while others work on fluency and/or comprehension, based on what each student needs to become a successful reader. To learn more about Title 1 please check out our website. On our website you will find the programs we teach, reading tips, reading resources, and frequently asked questions which include how students qualify for Title 1.





Amy Benz,  Elementary Technology Teacher, Wamego, USD 320
Amy Benz
My Website

I am Amy Benz, the technology teacher for Kindergarten through grade five. I have degrees in Technology Education, Elementary Education (Master’s), FACS, and am a National Board Certified Teacher. I taught in North Dakota for many years and am thrilled to be teaching in Wamego. I appreciate the positive school environment and a family friendly community. My husband, Matt and I raise Rambouillet sheep and enjoy our family times.






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