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Academic Related Questions


How do I find out about my child’s homework if he/she is absent?

Central:  Ask for any homework assignments when you call your child in sick.

West:  Please call the West Elementary office and request any missing assignments for the day.  All homework will be placed on the black bookshelves outside of the West Office by 4:00pm the day the child is absent, ONLY if you requested assignments.  The building is open until 5:00pm. 

WMS:  Call the appropriate homework hotline.

              6th Grade             785-458-7806

              7th Grade             785-458-7807

              8th Grade             785-458-7808

A parent may request homework when calling in an absent student if they call by 9:00. The staff will have homework ready for pick up on the book shelf outside the office by 3:30 p.m.”
“For more information, please check the individual teachers’ websites.”  Academic Departments

WHS:  Call the school and request the teacher’s extension.  Follow the directions for the individual teacher’s homework hotline. 

Click here for a Directory by Building.


Will my child’s teacher(s) send progress reports home?

Central;  No, however report cards will be sent home at the end of each 9-weeks.  Parents may contact their child’s teacher if they have concerns about their child’s grades.

West:  Parents may sign up for progress reports delivered to their emails through the PowerSchool parent page.  For parents without email, printed progress reports will be sent home every four weeks for third grade, every three weeks for fourth grade, and every two weeks for fifth grade.

WMS: Physical progress reports are not sent home.  Parents may sign up for progress reports delivered to their emails through the PowerSchool parent page.  If a student has D’s or F’s that affect eligibility, the parents will be notified on Thursday afternoon by email or through a mailed report. 

WHS:  All teachers at Wamego High School use the electronic gradebook and email progress reports to parents, every Thursday of eligibility. Teachers are required to send home D's and F's.



Medical Related Questions


Can my child take medication at school?

Yes.  With a completed Request for Medication Administration form and doctor’s signature, medications can be given at school.  Even over the counter medications require a doctor’s note in order to be given at school.  A parent may come to school and give medication without a doctor’s note.  For more information regarding medications at school, contact the school nurse, Cathe Ira.

 What is the fever rule?
As a general rule, a student should be fever free (<99.6) or under medical treatment 24 hours before returning to school.




Athletic Related Questions


Where can I find directions to other schools for athletic events?

You can access directions to other schools from the WMS Athletics & Activities page, or by clicking here.


Where can I find athletic schedules/game times?

WMS Athletics & Activities                         WHS Athletics & Activities


How long does a student have to be in school to participate in an extracurricular activity?

 WMS: A student must be in school for 3.5 hours prior to the event.  Unforeseen circumstances could allow the principal and athletic director to make exceptions

WHS: Students must be in attendance the last (2) blocks of the day to participate in activities that day.
For activities that require students to leave school before or during the first block of the day, the student must have been in attendance the last two blocks of the previous school day.
For activities that occur on weekends, students must be in attendance the last two blocks of the last school day of that week.

Food Service Related Questions


How can I add money to my child’s lunch account online?

Visit and enter your child’s ID and password.  You will need to contact the school’s cashier to obtain your child’s ID for the first time. 


What’s on the menu?

.Daily menus are posted on the USD 320 home page.  You can access the main menu or each school’s PDF menu from the Calendars button.


If I have questions or concerns about meal requirements. Who do I contact?

Please contact Laura Fails, Food Service Director, at or 456-2214 x5020.



How do I determin if my house is in the USD320 school district?

Send an email to Larry Hannan at with your address in question.  He will research it and get you an answer back.  If you don’t have access to email his desk phone number is 456-7695.


I live out of district- can a USD320 bus come to my house and pick up my children?

 No, not without gaining approval first from the superintendents and boards of education from both affected districts.  This process is lengthy and administrative.  An alternate solution is to contact our transportation director ( or 456-7695) and coordinate the closest in-district bus stop for your students.


My children are reporting misbehavior on the bus- what can be done about that?

The first step is to report the issue to the driver – ask the student if they have talked to the driver about this.  Unfortunately, the driver has about 95% of their attention on driving and sometimes our students misbehavior is not noticed by the driver.  The driver is charged with maintaining order on the bus, so he/she must be aware of the problem first.  The driver will initiate disciplinary procedures in accordance with the district disciplinary policy (  If the student can report date and time of alleged incidents the transportation director can review the bus’s camera film.


Can a bus pick up my child at my home?

State law requires transportation be provided for K-12 students who live 2 ½ miles from their school.  USD320 also puts addresses that are outside of the city limits but within the 2 ½ mile criterion on the bus routes.  Special needs students also may be picked up within the 2 ½ mile criterion if transportation services are qualified and indicated on their Individual Education Plan as a related service.


Can a bus transport to and from my day care provider?

Currently USD320 transports to and from day care providers that are outside of the city limits.





Other Questions


Can my child attend USD 320 if we live in another school district?

Possibly.  Out of district applications must be completed and returned to building principals.  Decisions about attendance are based on class size and will be made following enrollment each school year.


What time should my child arrive at school?

Click on the corresponding link to view the Daily Details for your child’s school.

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